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Online Marketing Expert Omer Adam

Omer Adam: About me

I started loving the internet at the age of 7.

Once on my way to school I saw an abandoned computer near my house, looked old and broken apart. After a week, I took it to my dad so he can repair it for me.

Ever since I’ve been helping people love their personal tech devices. I’m now a fully certified computer repair and business owner. I have 13+ years of experience with internet marketing and assisting my clients with their online businesses.

I want to share tips, tricks, and advice I’ve learned from my time being around online business owners. You can establish for yourself a successful online business by following a proven blueprint to start earning money online.

With this how to start online business blog, I want to:

·  Make you feel closer to your dream

·  Improve your knowledge of the online marketing world

·  Save you the stress of trying out unproven ways to make money online

·  Help you and your family be both safe and happy online

I’ve served over 100+ clients in my local area from word of mouth, after so many said that I should share what I do with the world, I created [www.stepstomakemoneyonline.com].

Read my start online business blog—it’s 100% free, useful, and loved by digital entrepreneurs worldwide.