How To Start Online Business

Here’s a Simple Online Business Model that’s Perfect if:

1. You’re a Beginner Looking for Something Less Complicated than What’s All Over Your Newsfeed
2. You’ve Picked Up Some Digital Marketing Skills but Still Don’t Have a Proven, High-Converting Product to Use Them.
If yes to either of those, you’re gonna love this…


Find a product that’s already selling like crazy on Amazon(.com)
To do this, find the little button at the top that says “Best Sellers”
Choose a category you already have an interest in or something you’ve previously purchased.
You want to look for products you can give an honest recommendation and review.
Here’s an example from a retired Kindergarten teacher who loved finding good quality toys for her students.
First, she chose a category.
(Ex. Toys & Games)
Then, she chose a subcategory.
(Ex. Preschool Toys)
By doing this, you’ll find items that are popular, but maybe something people don’t know about.
Like I said, this example was from a kindergarten teacher but I’ve seen it done with just about anything:
-Leadership Books-Funny T-Shirts-Baby Yoda Dolls-Car Parts-Chemical Free Cleaning Supplies
You can certainly choose products you don’t know anything about, but it requires a bit more research and commitment.


Once you’ve found a few products it’s time to partner with Amazon.
If you scroll to the bottom of the homepage you’ll see a button that says “Become an Affiliate.”
This allows you to promote any of the products on Amazon’s website and receive a commission each time a sale is made.
You don’t have to purchase anything wholesale.
You don’t handle any shipping
You’re not responsible for customer service, returns, complaints, or problems with the order.
As a Partner, your ONLY job is to promote the product and collect a cut from every sale.
This is way better than FBA or other methods out there because you don’t purchase anything upfront and you’re not tied down to any one product.


Now that you have a handful of products you’d like to promote and you’ve partnered with Amazon…
It’s time to build an Email List of people that would like to hear about the products you’re recommending.
NOTE: Most people think at this point they should start a blog, but this is backward.
Blogs are a little more complicated and expensive to get up and running than an email list.
You can certainly build one down the road but if you’re a beginner, an Email List is the best place to start.
In fact, most bloggers say their biggest regret is not starting with an Email List early on.

So how do you grow an Email List?
Well, the easiest way is to find people with similar interests if they’d liked join your newsletter to hear about your recommendations.
-Friends and family-Facebook Groups-Coworkers
There are lots of ways to do this for free but you can also run some easy ads like the one you’re reading now.
If you’ve got a few dollars you can even purchase a Solo Ad where people with big email lists will tell people about your newsletter and get them to join.
I do this for people every day and have it down to a science.


Ok, so now you’ve got some people on your Email List, it’s time to send out your newsletter.
If you’ve done the work of finding great products that are already selling well, and something you can honestly recommend…
All that’s left is letting your list know about them.
My favorite way to do this is through lists but here’s a few ideas to get you started:
“Top 5 Holiday Toys for Star Wars Lovers”“Read these 3 Books to Increase Your Productivity”“10 Vegan Recipes to Use with Your Insta-Pot”“My Favorite Kindle Romance Books Selling for .99”
^ See, pretty fun right?
No scam, sleaze, or trickery…
Just good ole fashioned recommendations.
Amazon loves when people do this and are happy to give you a cut anytime someone makes a purchase.
And they’re not the only ones…
If you’re skeptical
Open a new tab and check out the following sites and scroll to the bottom:
Just about every site that sells something online allows you to become a “Partner” or “Affiliate” to promote their products.
That’s how valuable your recommendations are to them.


If you’re still reading that tells me you’re somewhat interested in trying this out for yourself.
If so, you’re in luck…
I’ve created a Free PDF and video training that walks you through this process every step of the way:

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